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Ultra Systems

Accufast (KT)

Higher production with less costly materials. Clear tabs. more...

(KT 2)

Single pass dual tabbing module. Clear tabs.


Basic single tabbing module. Extremely reliable and simple to use.more...

(P3 Printer)

Basic stand alone address printing, spot color capable. more...

(P6 Printer)

Increase P3 speed and add a second imager for return address, indicia, and more. more...


Just because the Postal Service uses accurate, high speed machines, doesn't mean your mail goes through them. Unsealed self-mailers often open in these machines and cause jams. Mail tabbed with an ACCUFAST KT, KT2 or QT Tabber won't jam these machines and will speed it on its way. The Postal Service rewards mailers who completely prepare their mail for the sorting machines, so barcode, seal and sort for discounts. Use any ACCUFAST Tabber in-line with your feeder, labeler or address printer to seal up savings.