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Ultra Systems


Strapping Cycle of 1.5 seconds. Provides high production capability. Machine can apply up to 40 straps per minute with 24"W x 20"H arch.

Strap Tension ranges from 5.5lbs up to 155lbs and is easily adjustable, eliminates damage to the package when strapping soft materials and applies high tension for heavy cartons.

External Adjustable Dial selection of strap tension provides exceptional versatility.

Energy Saving Design features a motor that is automatically switched off when the machine is not in use and restarts when the next package is presented.

Strapping Control is by means of a foot pedal operated switch or automatically by means of package sensing switch in the conveyor top or by push button.

Automatic Strap Ejector clears unwanted strap automatically, if machine is operated in error.

Samuel P940
Automatic strapping machines